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Salmon night is the best at our house… I wish I could invite all of you for my buttery, tender fillets packed with health-boosting omega-3s.

Instead, I’m going to introduce you to the next best thing – Kronch USA’s Norwegian salmon oil and treats.

Now, Matilda and Cow don’t have to wait for salmon night – they get to enjoy salmon anytime.

Keep The Tail Wagging

There are a lot of fish oil products on the market and it can be difficult to tell which brands are good for our dogs. The following are a few things that I look for when choosing a fish oil for my dogs...

It's Dog or Nothing

There are two things I give every dog that comes into my house: a joint supplement and salmon oil.

Salmon oil has been extremely beneficial for all of my dogs—whether they were a short term foster or a permanent member of the family. Here’s how it can help your dog.

Dakota's Den

When I was first contacted... asking if I would be interested in having Dakota test and review the Lakse Kronch natural salmon products I was a bit skeptical.

I had never had Dakota try anything that was 100 percent pure salmon and I just wasn’t sure.

Like many of you, before I gave my final ok... I googled to read what others had to say about the brand and their products and was thrilled with my findings.

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