Retailer Wholesale Info Request for Lakse Kronch Salmon Products

Sell Lakse Kronch Salmon Treats and Oil Wholesale At Your Store

As our adoring fans will tell you, Lakse Kronch products are 100% fresh, human-grade salmon processed within 24 hours of being caught from the sea.

Lakse Kronch Salmon Oil is the only cold-pressed salmon oil for dogs on the market, which gives it the highest nutrient content available for dogs.

Why become a retailer of Lakse Kronch products?

But why specifically stock Lakse Kronch at your retail store? There are a number of reasons, like the following:

  • Lakse Kronch products are free of unnecessary additives and preserved naturally

    with citric acid and tocopherols. Many dog owners care deeply about the ingredients that their dog eats, and ours are from the best.
  • Our products are unique

    and offer you a great selling point for your favorite clients. Clients who enjoy normal fish oils may find the improved quality of cold-pressed salmon oil hits the spot. Our Pemmikan is unlike any other product on the market - a high energy supplemental feed for your clients with working dogs that gives them the edge they need to perform.
  • Our products offer you high profit margins.

    Compared to our competitors, you'll make much higher profit margins when you sell our products. Higher profits and better quality makes this one a slam dunk!
  • Your customers will save money.

    By charging them our MSRP, your customers will be getting a bargain to comparative products out there. Your beloved customers save money, you keep more money in your pocket, and you get the joy of working with a small company that has your back rather than a big and uncaring one.

We look forward to working with you today!

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