How It's Made

It all starts at the Henne Pet Food factory in Denmark.

Our next door neighbor is a factory that processes fresh, high quality Norwegian salmon for human consumption. They provide us with the fresh salmon, and within 24 hours of the salmon being caught it’s processed into our products.

But what happens when the salmon gets to the factory? Let’s take a little look inside!

Once we bring the salmon into the factory, that’s when the magic starts! Our Danish team gets to work, processing the salmon into the treats, dog food, and oil supplement your dog has come to know and love. Kronch is the only brand that cold presses our oil, extracting the highest concentrated amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Other brands warm press their salmon oil, and use frozen fish to give you an inferior product. Why is cold pressing better? The benefits speak for themselves and we wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way:

  1. During oil extraction, there is always some heat generated. The problem is that heat kills nutrients, and the hotter it gets during the extraction process, the less nutrients are in the oil. To be considered cold pressed oil, which Kronch salmon oil is, the oil must remain under 120 degree Fahrenheit, which means that the oil retains all of its nutrient content. To get the same health benefits for your dog, you’d have to add more warm-pressed oil. This means your dog will ingest more fat for less nutrients!
  2. Our cold-pressed salmon oil is 100% pure, salmon oil. Many of our competitors add unnatural additives or preservatives to their products. Wouldn’t you prefer to know exactly what you’re giving your dog? With Kronch, you know exactly what’s in our products. It’s nothing but delicious, fresh, healthy, salmon!

Before it gets shipped out to the U.S., Henne Pet Foods stores it in their climate controlled warehouse. Inventory is carefully monitored periodically to make sure that it never spoils. From the central hub in Denmark it’s shipped out all over the world. Kronch Salmon Oil products are popular in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the U.K, the Czech Republic, and is expanding throughout the rest of the world too. Europeans know that a healthy, organic diet is key to a happy and long life, and they want the same for their pets too!

Once the product gets shipped to the U.S., it’s stored in a climate controlled warehouse and arrives on store shelves promptly. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality feed, treats, and oil, so when you buy it at your favorite vet, pet store, or our online shop, you know what you’re getting is the best. We like to live up to our motto, only the best for man’s best friend.

Here’s a box of our salmon oil, about to get shipped off to the U.S. It’s vetted by both our own quality control technicians, sure, and as an imported product it is also thoroughly vetted by the FDA and USDA. Because we proudly manufacture it in Denmark in a sanitary highly controlled environment, you never have to worry about your pet falling ill due to disease, spoiled meat, or anything else.

We pride ourselves on using only the best, 100% natural ingredients to give your dog or cat the best quality of life that he or she can have!

Here’s our product line, finished and ready to fill your pet’s tummy with goodness. From left to right, we have our bags of salmon treats, our bottles of salmon oil for dogs, and our oil and salmon treats for cats, Monch!

We know you love your pet, and we do too! That’s why we spare no expense in producing the best of the best, and we promise that you’ll see the difference.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out at our store or at one of our happy family of retailers. Your pet will thank you for it with a better mood, a shinier fur coat, and tons of energy! Check out the difference that fresh Norwegian salmon can make and we’re sure your dog will become a lifelong Kronch Dog.