Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct dosage of salmon oil to give my dog?
For dogs up to 26 lbs, we recommend 1 pump stroke/teaspoons. For dogs up to 52 lbs, we recommend 2 pump strokes/teaspoons. For dogs up to 105 lbs, we recommend 3 pump strokes/teaspoons. For dogs more than 105 lbs, we recommend 4 pump strokes/teaspoons.
Do you have an ingredient list for your products?
We do, please check out our products page for individual ingredients of each item.
Does the salmon oil have to be refrigerated?
No, it doesn’t. We recommend a cool and dry place like a pantry. If the oil is in too hot of a temperature it will spoil, but it does not require refrigeration.
I received a torn package/damaged bottle, what can I do?
If you feel uncomfortable with the condition of your received product, something we endeavor to ensure is a rare occurrence but has been known to happen in transit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hold ourselves to a product of exceptional quality and will make sure that is exactly what you receive. In the case of damaged merchandise, we will send you a new one.
My salmon oil smells more than usual! What gives?
Occasionally when the salmon are harvested in mating season they are known to have a much more pungent salmon oil. Do not be alarmed! This is not an indication of a spoiled product, and dogs continue to enjoy the taste of it. We have found that some people are put off by this rare occurrence, and we understand — most of the time our product has a very mild aroma. If you happen to get a bottle that smells excessively we will be happy to replace it.
I run a pet store and would like to retail Kronch products. Do you have a wholesale list?
We do, please contact us to discuss further.