Lakse Kronch 100% Salmon Treats and Cold Pressed Oil

Scandinavian snacks your dog deserves.

Lakse Kronch's Healthy and Natural Salmon Products for Dogs and Cats

Lakse Kronch salmon products are made from salmon less than 24 hours after its caught straight from the sea. All of our ingredients are made from simple, real foods, like "salmon" and "potatoes", and our top-selling favorite, our 100% salmon treat is exactly that: Nothing but human-grade, high quality Norwegian Salmon.

Healthy and delicious. What a winning combo for you and your pup!

Niko loves Lakse Kronch 100% Salmon All Natural Treats

No Unnecessary Additives or Unnatural Preservatives

We ensure our salmon products for dogs and cats are of the highest quality by sourcing only the finest ingredients. Other treats rely on salmon-meal, poultry byproducts, or grain additives, which have little to no nutritional value for your pet.

All of the salmon in our treats is human grade and additive free.

We preserve our treats naturally with Citric Acid (Vitamin-C) and Tocopherols (Vitamin-E). Our Citric Acids are sourced from lemons and limes and our Alpha-Tocopherols are sourced from olive and sunflower oils.

Ellie couldn't get enough of our natural Cold Pressed Salmon Oil

Cold Pressed Salmon Oil Dry-Food Additive

Adding important Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids to your Dog's Diet can sometimes seem a chore.

Our Salmon Oil is extracted under cool temperatures, making it the only salmon oil for dogs on the market that is cold-pressed. Cold-pressing our oil ensures the maximum nutrient content remains intact.

The difference shows. After 4 weeks of using our product, our fans report their dog has a much lusher, shinier coat. Our oil helps reduce shedding, gets rid of rough, patchy fur, and even gets rid of unwanted eye discharge.

All that and it promotes strong heart health and helps ease joint pain in older dogs with arthritis.

The fresh salmon flavor also turns otherwise ho-hum dry dog food into your best pal's delight!

Lakse Kronch Pemmikan is the perfect high energy supplemental feed for working dogs

Working Dogs Love Kronch Pemmikan

Kronch Pemmikan is the number one high energy supplemental feed for working dogs.

Fat converts into high powered fuel much quicker in dogs than in humans, and our Pemmikan is packed with fat. Made naturally in the old ways of the pioneer, each bar is conveniently portable and contains more than enough calories to keep your dog at maximum power for 24 hours straight.

Our Pemmikan was invented on commission from the Danish government.

They needed to find something that was small and dense enough to be easily carried with Greenlandic sled dog expeditions, yet was packed with enough calories to keep a sled dog able to maintain high energy levels throughout the trip.

Our fans have discovered too, that it produces a fantastic, all-day energy boost for dogs on hunts, and gives agility tournament dogs the fuel they need to keep training to be the best. And Police K9 units and Farm Dogs love them too!

Give your working dog the rocket fuel they need to get to the next level!