Pocket Kronch 175g

Kronch Pocket Treats 76% Salmon / 24% Potato Meal



Product Description

  • 76% salmon and 24% potato meal dog treats, grain-free and no unnatural additives or preservatives
  • Rich with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a long, healthy life
  • For people who like to throw treats in their pocket, a wholesome, organic, salmon treat without a salmon residue.
  • Made from fresh, never frozen, Norwegian salmon that dogs love the taste of
  • A high quality import product from Denmark

The only ingredients in our Pocket treats are Fresh Salmon and Potato Meal. Our Pocket snacks are grain free, and the potato meal makes the treat perfectly portable — a salmon snack without salmon residue left on your hands or on your clothes, so you can throw them right in your pocket. Give them a healthy boost with a convenient pocket snack, with Kronch’s new Pocket snacks!

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6.2 oz, 21.2 oz


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