Here at Kronch USA, we put the dogs of our customers and our dogs first.  In our effort to support the community in which we conduct business, Kronch USA is proud to move forward with CHAAMP, the Chesapeake Area Malamute Protection rescue shelter.

Malamutes are great lovers of our salmon products and we’re great lovers of them too!  Kronch USA donates proceeds of our product sales at their area events.

You can also further help generate donations for CHAAMP by using the discount code “CHAAMP” at checkout.

It’s as easy as:

1.  Head on over to our store and put some of our high quality products into your checkout basket.

2. Once you’ve selected everything for your order, you’ll find a place to put a coupon code on the checkout screen:

checkout chaamp 1

3.  Enter the code CHAAMP and hit enter.  Below above to the “Proceed to Checkout” button it should look like this:

checkout chaamp 2


It won’t show any dollar amount off to the right for the discount, but don’t worry!  Our system will see that your order is tagged with CHAAMP’s code.  Every month we send a list of all the orders tagged with the CHAAMP discount code at checkout to CHAAMP and donate 20% of all proceeds from every order tagged with the CHAAMP code to CHAAMP directly.

Only the best for man’s best friend, and only the best for Malamutes everywhere.  Thank you to everyone at the Chesapeake Area Malamute Protection for your selfless work!