Salmon Treats and Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

Kronch fresh organic Norwegian salmon treats and cold pressed oil for dogs and cats

Kronch grain free organic Norwegian salmon treats and cold pressed oil for dogs and cats

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We import from Denmark healthy, organic dog treats and cold-pressed salmon oil made with 100% salmon and no unnatural additives or preservatives.

What’s so special about our original treats?  The only ingredient in them is salmon!  The best snack and supplement for your healthy dog.  Fresh, delicious salmon your dog is sure to both love the taste of and enjoy the health benefits of.

Our oil is cold-pressed which maximizes the nutrient content.  It’s a supplement you can easily add to your dog’s favorite food to give him a number of health benefits which omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids provide, including a shiny, supple coat, relief from joint pain from arthritis, a reduction in unwanted dog eye discharge, and a strong, healthy heart for a nice long life.

Our motto is:  Only the best, for man’s best friend.  We sell the highest quality products made from fresh, never frozen, Norwegian salmon at a great price.  You’ll see the difference in your dog’s shiny coat and his happy mood, and you’ll also ensure he lives a long healthy life with a reduced chance of heart disease and gout.  You’ll also see how it helps reduce your dog’s unwanted eye discharge, skin allergies, and joint pain from arthritis.

Unlock the power of fresh, Norwegian Salmon, and see why our devoted fans love us so much!