Salmon Treats and Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

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100% Norwegian Salmon Dog Treats and Cold Pressed Salmon Oil

Fresh Norwegian Salmon from Sustainable Sources for dogs and cats. Since 1989 in Denmark, Lakse Kronch (Danish for “Salmon Crunch”) brand products have always been made in the same, simple way.

We only use fresh, Norwegian salmon that is processed within 24 hours of being caught.

Because of this, our salmon treats and cold-pressed salmon oil dry food additive are bursting with a mouthwatering, rich salmon taste.  Dogs go crazy for them!  Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our fantastic reviews by our many adoring fans!

Better yet, all of our products are free of unnatural additives and preservatives.  Not only will your dog love the taste, but they’re extremely healthy for them too. Lean salmon proteins are shown to have a number of positive health benefits for dogs, and by cold-pressing our oil we ensure the maximum nutrient content on the market.

Imagine a portable treat your dog would do anything for that is made from the highest quality salmon in the world, is free of unnatural additives and preservatives, and is very affordable.  Check them out for yourself at some of our online vendors or find a retailer near you!

Our cold pressed, gently milled salmon oil gives dogs a shiny, supple coat, relief from joint pain from arthritis, a reduction in unwanted dog eye discharge, and a strong, healthy heart for a nice long life.

Our motto is:  Only the best, for man’s best friend.

Unlock the power of fresh, Norwegian Salmon, and see why our product line is catching on like wildfire in the USA!